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Dear visitor,

have you just arrived from somewhere else in the wide wide world, not really speaking German yet and not understanding almost anything? Then first of all let me say “Welcome to Germany!” I hope you will find it a great experience to live here and you will be successfull in whatever you plan to do! And don´t panic: German, which is said to be a quiet “difficult” language, isn´t so hard to be learned. It indeed is possible! And the more you live in this land the easier you will find it to speak our language!

However, of course it´s much easier to learn a language with somebody who teaches the basic skills, who knows all about words and grammar and who is experienced in skill transfer. Coming from linguistics I am such a teacher in German as a foreign language and also communication skills and rhetoric.

I offer courses in German as a foreign language for language schools, firms, individuals and small groups up to three persons. My courses cover the total range of language skills: You can learn from the beginning (so called “A-1-level”) via the first degree-level (“B 1″) up to a standard nearby a native speaker (“C 2″; advanced learners might also be interested in my courses of communication skills and rhetoric, see here). Also you can get special instruction in

  • business and economical German
  • medical German
  • juristic German
  • scientific German

Or do you prefer to develop skills in

  • mailing
  • telephoning
  • joining in discussions and team meetings
  • conversation
  • small talk or
  • the language of daily living (e. g. shopping, talking to the neighbour, getting a glass of beer in a bar…)?

Whatever you want to learn, let´s do it together, it´s much easier then!

If you´re interested in a course, please send me a mail or call be on the phone, I will answer as soon as possible! You can find my adress, e-mail-adress and phone number here.

Last but not least: As you can read here I really am not a native speaker of English, and in my courses I prefer speaking German when the course has reached a certain level. But I have made the experience that my English really is good enough to introduce you into the “secrets” of German at the beginning and up to that level, when you no longer need instructions except in then well-understood German!

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